Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(Not)About Me

There are many things I don’t know about myself. I am yet to know what religion I belong to, though I’m born a Brahmo. I am married into a Hindu household, but cannot identify myself with rituals predominant in my new family. I am an architect by profession, and by choice but I don’t know what would I have been had I not been one. I don’t know which place I belong to. I am a Bengali, brought up in Gujarat, married to a Gujarati whose family is settled in Mumbai for the last 3 generations. Am I a Bong? By birth, yes, otherwise, no! Am I now a convert Gujju? No! Will I ever be one? Doubt it! Other than serious questions about who I am, I like collecting coloring pens and pencils and paints and paper and notebooks and sketch books. I like taking pictures on my digicam. I like listening to music. I sing when I’m happy. I like talking to my mom on the phone. I like nicely wrapped gifts. I like going to the mountains. I like looking at photographs. I like it when someone takes care of me. I like strawberry lip gloss. I observe and absorb a lot of things around me. I like listening .

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