Monday, April 16, 2012

A Skype Tale

I am born in a family with loud booming voices, especially the women. No exceptions ! Family gatherings, as a result, are high decibel affairs. Everyone is talking to everyone else at the same time, no one really bothers to hear about what the other person has to say. Needless to say , everyone thought I'd be married into a family who were quiet and sophisticated. Umm .. not really..

My in-laws are equally loud , if not louder. Everyone's talking to everyone else with no intention of listening ... ditto! Thanks to technology (I mean Skype), they get together once in a while and chit chat with each other.

This was one such occasion.

My MIL (visiting us for the weekend) wanted to talk to my mother, on Skype. Both of them got so excited to see each other, their voices touched new heights of decibel limits.

"Kem cho Usha Ben ? "

"Arre , Swapna ben , aap to Gujarati bolne lage ! "

Big smiles.

Suddenly, my mother got up and fetched a piece of jewellery she had purchased recently. Seeing that, my MIL gushed and crooned and sighed. Their excited voices knew no bounds, as they discussed the piece. I think the whole of my housing society might have heard their conversation.

Suddenly, there was a little pop-up at the bottom of the screen - "Too much sound coming from the speakers ".

Guess, computers also complain when subjected to too much outside noise :P

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